Usha Colt Mixer Grinder – 2023 Review

Grinding was a big task back in the early nineties. People were a lot dependent on hand grinding and manual works that involved a lot of effort.

But time has changed now, and so has changed the techniques with better technology.

Mixer grinders are a new way by which all this becomes easy. These small machines not only make your task easy, but they also help you with making your kitchen a better place for swift functioning. 

Usha Colt Mixer grinders are among the best grinders in the market these days. Not only this, but products from Usha have always been worth investing in, and one can be sure that it gives you brilliant results.

Here in this article, we will tell you the best 2 Mixer Grinder from Usha in 2023.

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Brand Overview

Usha was established in India early in 1934. The brand is among the highest-rated ones in India that provide some high-rated products.

Lala Shriram was the founder of this company. The company started with a very small and restricted business and expanded its business miraculously into various sectors.

Today the company deals with different sectors such as home appliances, automobiles, engines, nylon tires, chemicals, oils, and many more such departments throughout the country.

It has been an absolute wonder with continuously providing home appliances with the best quality. 

Here below we have mentioned the top two Usha Colt mixer grinders in this article:

1) Usha Colt Plus MG 3772 Mixer Grinder 750-Watt

This product qualifies the tag of the best Usha Colt Mixer Grinder 750W seen in the market. This mixer grinder has some of the best unique features seen throughout.

Usha Colt Mixer Grinder
(Image Source:


  • It comes in 3 different jars.
  • There is a cord winding location seen.
  • The design is compact and specially designed.


  • The shockproof body is good.
  • Good copper motor available.


  • The knob is not efficient.

2) Usha Colt Mixer Grinder (MG-3053) 500-Watt

When we talk of a good Usha Mixer Grinder, then this Usha Mixer Grinder 3053 Colt 500W is the perfect product you can choose.

The stainless steel jars seen with this machine are worth using. On the other hand, it is a durable product, and one can use it for long-term usage.

(Image Source:


  • The design is very easy to clean.
  • There are accessories such as a spatula available.
  • It has Anti-skid feet with an ABS body.


  • The motor’s reliability is high.
  • It is convenient to use.


  • The noise can be a troublesome factor.


At the end of the article, we can say that Usha Colt Mixer Grinder comes along with some of the best features. Above mentioned Mixer grinders are the best mixers from Usha.

You can rely on these with heavy grinding and mixing. At last, both these products are worth buying.

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