Various Types of Mixer Grinder Blades and Their Uses

types of blades in mixer grinder

Today it is impossible to imagine any kitchen without a mixer grinder. The household can flare up if there is no mixer grinder as not only the process of blending and grating has become easy with their use, but they are more of a food processor.

Using the mixer grinder, one can cut, slice, paste, grind, make the dough, and blend various items. However, for each of the purposes, various types of mixture grinder blades should be used.

One can get many types of mixer grinder blades for specific purposes, and let us discuss a bit about them.

The Variety/Types of Blades in Mixer Grinder

The blade for dry grinding –

Many kitchen ingredients like spices and coffee beans need to be ground dry. Therefore, the dry grinding blade is of utmost importance.

There are generally four blades with blunt edges to ground the spices to get the desired powder form. Two blades are angled downward and two upwards so that the spices grind finely.

We can also term them as pounding blades and they are typically fitted with small grinding jars.

Blades used for wet grinding -

If you think of wet grinding like making a batter for idly, dosas, and many other food products, then wet grinding blades are perfect for them. These types of blades in mixer grinder also have four arms but have sharp edges to get a fine batter.

Here again, two blades are angled and bent upwards, and two downwards so that no soaked materials escape their pounding but form a good batter. One can even make onion paste, ginger paste, and tomato puree using these blades.

Blades for mincing –

If you are looking for mixer grinder blade types for mincing, use the mincing blades. They either have two or have four arms with sharp edges, but the angles of the bend are much less.

They can slice onions, cucumbers, and many other vegetables and fruits, and even coconut and cashew. One can also use mincemeat with these blades.

Whipping blades –

Many times, one needs to whip the cream, curd, and many other products. The whipping blades are perfect for them. These blades are embedded in a circular disc and are perfect for use with large mixing jars.

Juicer blades –

Although they are not supplied as standard accessories with many mixer grinders, many people buy them separately. As the name suggests, these blades are perfect for making juices.

The four arms of these blades are long and thin, and they can churn out delicious juices.

Chutney blades –

No Indian cuisine is complete without chutney. Therefore, chutney blades are a must in mixer grinders in the kitchen. It has two arms, but the edges are sharpened at places for wet and dry grinding.


One should always have different blades of the mixer grinder to fulfill specific purposes. Some are attached with the jar; others are available as standard accessories, while others have to purchase some of the above blades separately.

Use the blades judiciously to work in the kitchen with perfection in an organized manner.

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