Things To Consider Before Buying A Mixer Grinder In 2023

Things To Consider Before buying A Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders have become a part of our daily life. Particularly in Indian kitchens, mixer grinders are essential for perfectly grinding masalas or preparing purees, chutneys, or smoothies and milkshakes.

Without a handy tool, preparing these items would be time-consuming. When it comes to shopping for a mixer grinder, it is important to narrow down your requirements to make a decision.

Among the various types and sizes of mixer grinders available in the market, you should know various things to consider before buying a mixer grinder in 2023.

Factors/Things To Consider Before Buying A Mixer Grinder

There are various factors you should take into consideration before deciding on the best mixer grinder. Here, we present a buying guide to help you on how to choose a mixer grinder.

1) Strength of Mixer Motor

One of the most important things to consider before buying a mixer grinder is the strength and speed of the mixer motor. The strength of the motor determines the efficiency of the mixer grinder.

A 750-Watt mixer grinder is ideal for regular grinding, such as making chutneys, purees, soups, milkshakes, and smoothies.

A mixer grinder with more than 750 watts is useful for tough grinding of masalas, preparing different pastes, and preparing idli and dosa batter. 

2) Speed of Mixer Motor

The speed of the mixer motor should be ideally 18,000 rpm (rotations per minute). Usually, there should be at least three-speed options, either in the form of a push-button or committed dial.

A slow speed is good for making juices, while a fast speed option is good for preparing purees or chutneys. Before buying a mixer grinder, you should always check the speed options provided in the mixer grinder.

3) Number and Size of Jars

Mixer grinders of different brands may vary in the number and size of jars. Depending on your family size and usage frequency, you should go for at least three to four jars. This would save you time washing the jar in case you are preparing a number of dishes.

Check their motor and sharp blades that could be used for both wet and dry items. The size of the jars should be large enough to handle food items during any processing type.

In addition to it, your kitchen space also matters when deciding the number and size of the jars or overall product.

4) Warranty

Before purchasing a mixer grinder, it is important to go through the company's warranty terms and conditions. Some brands offer different warranty periods on the motor or overall product.

Usually, mixer grinders have two years of warranty. You can get it repaired or exchanged during this period if there is a fault in the motor or blade edges.

5) After-sales Service

Since you are going to invest your hard-earned money, it needs to be assured that you get good after-sales service. You can read the opinions and feedback of customers online and check the ratings of different mixer grinders.

Further, you need to check if there is an exclusive customer service center in your area. This would be helpful if you face any mishaps after you have purchased the product.

6) Budget

Budget is also one of the important things to consider before buying a mixer grinder. The cost of a mixer grinder may differ on the specifications and functionalities.

You can evaluate and compare mixer grinders of different brands by physically visiting a store or going through customer reviews online. If a mixer grinder has all the above features and suits your needs, you should go with it.

Since it is a long-term investment, it would be better not to compromise with the budget.

Key Takeaway - How to choose a mixer grinder?

Today, a mixer grinder has become one of the most valued items in the kitchen. While investing in this useful equipment for the long run, you need to ensure that a particular mixer grinder is best for you.

It is wise to know the things that should be considered before buying a mixer grinder. These things or aspects should not only cater to your needs but also be budget-friendly. The above buying guide would surely help you to choose the best mixer grinder.

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