What is RPM in a Mixer Grinder?

What is RPM In a Mixer Grinder

When you look for the mixer grinder, there are several parameters you have to consider. For example, you consider the power consumption and then decide whether a 500-watt appliance will be ideal or a 750—watt grinder.

You also consider the number of jars a grinder has; and whether it will be perfect for your kitchen or not.

Similarly, there is another factor that needs to be considered, no matter whether you are looking for a small appliance for personal use or commercial use. This particular attribute is termed RPM or rotation per minute. 

What is RPM in a Mixer Grinder?

RPM or Rotations Per Minute is defined by the speed with which the blades inside the jar rotate around an axle. If the speed is high, the mixer grinder will have a higher value of the RPM and vice versa.

For example, if you choose a grinder having 20000 RPM, the blades can complete 20000 rotations in 60 seconds. 

What should be the ideal RPM range for different mixer grinders?

The RPM rating of a mixer grinder is dependent on the motor capacity.

For example, when choosing a 500-watt grinder, the RPM value will range from 18000 to 22000. Similarly, if you want to have a 750-watt grinder, the maximum RPM value is 23000.

So, for domestic purposes, the ideal RPM range of kitchen appliances varies between 18000 and 23000.

However, for commercial purposes, you will need mixer grinders with a motor capacity of 1000 watts or more than that. That's because a powerful motor will help grind and mix bulk ingredients.

That’s why you will have to look for mixer grinders having an RPM rate of more than 23000; 24000 to 30000, to be specific. 


When you are choosing the mixer grinder, it's pivotal to consider the RPM rating.

After all, this particular parameter not only defines the blade's speed but also controls the time required for grinding, mixing, squashing, and blending the food ingredients.

Since you will have to alter the blade’s speed based on the type of ingredient to be used, it will be best if you choose an appliance having the proper RPM rating.

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