Prestige Express Mixer Grinder PEX 3.0 Review 2023

Gone are the days when people used to rely on manual tools in the kitchen. In today’s time, several appliances are there in the market, which are easing the works and also saving lots of time.

One such appliance is a mixer grinder. These appliances are of different types, the inverted jar mixers being the most popular ones.

Prestige Express mixer is one of the most bought and famous mixers that you can find in the market. It can be bought online also at a discount. This is why perhaps this mixer has gained so many user reviews.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the mixer you need to know. Starting from the exclusive features to the pros and cons, we will describe here several facts about Prestige Express Mixer Grinder PEX 3.0.

Prestige Express Mixer Grinder PEX 3.0
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Features of Prestige Express Mixer Grinder PEX 3.0

The first thing we need to learn is the list of features Prestige has included in their product. Prestige, being one of the popular kitchen appliance companies, will obviously make sure that their products are of the top level.

So, let’s learn how the Express mixer grinder PEX 3.0 is different from others...

-Compact design 

Mixers are usually bulky in nature which is why most people find it difficult to use them in kitchens, especially the small ones.

This is why Prestige has made sure to design a mixer-com-grinder with a compact structure. The Express mixer PEX 3.0 has small size, with an inverted glass bell jar as the main container. 

-Multipurpose grinder

You can use this mixer grinder for several purposes. You can make a smooth paste of any ingredient in this mixer.

Apart from this, making Smoothies, shakes, and juices is also easy with Prestige’s mixer grinder. It also acts as a blender where you can blend different ingredients and obtain the required texture. 

-Easy to clean

As the mixer container is in the form of an inverted bell jar with no blades present inside, it’s very easy to clean them.

Simply empty the container, and use a brush to scrub the insides. Placing the jar under running water will wash away the remnants. 

-Extra storage lids

In the package, you will also have extra storage lids. Hence, if you want to store the mixer for some time, use the lids and cover the jar. These lids are airtight and hence, the mixture present inside wouldn’t get spoiled. 

-Less power consumption

One of the best features present in the Prestige Express Mixer grinder is its ability to work at a lower power rating. It doesn’t consume too much electric power which is why your electric bills wouldn’t put a dent in your pocket.


  • The mixer grinder comes with a powerful motor inside. As a result, grinding or mixing will be faster as compared to other grinders. 
  • This appliance is made from high-quality material that can withstand rotatory force easily. 
  • With increased affordability, you can buy this mixer anytime. 
  • Having a compact design, the mixer grinder wouldn’t occupy too much space in your kitchen.


  • The bell jar size is medium, and hence mixing bulk ingredients is not possible.
  • If the lid is loose, you cannot use the appliance.


Based on this detailed Prestige Express Mixer Grinder PEX 3.0 review, you can understand that for small but varied purposes, you can easily get this appliance. Also, as the price is pliable, there wouldn’t be any financial hurdles.

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