How Mixer Grinder Works - Here is the Guide!

How Mixer Grinder Works

Have you bought a mixer grinder recently and wondering how the mixer grinder works? If yes, then you have luckily landed on the right page.

Today's world depends on electronics and other advanced gadgets to a great extent. Life can go relatively smooth when you know how to handle such complex machinery.

If you don’t know how mixer grinders work, you have got nothing to worry about as the following article will help you with every bit of detail in a convenient way.

How Mixer Grinder Works - The Basics of a Mixer Grinder

If you are confused about "how does a mixer grinder work”, you are on the right spot now! The following points will help you get into the basic knowledge and working principles of a mixer grinder properly:

-Get to the bottom theories

Did you know that the mixer grinders contain a motor at the bottom of the machine? Yes, it is true!

So the first thing that you need to do is put your ingredients in the mixer grinder when you want to grind them smoothly. The motor on the base will start the blades in the first place.


As soon as the blades start moving, the ingredients move in a circular motion in the middle axis. The process continues for a minute or so till the elements fall into a vacuum. 


One of the most critical parts of using a mixer grinder is that when the ingredients start forming a central axis due to the circular motion, a tight vacuum is created in the center.

The central vacuum inside the grinder forces the elements to come to the middle portion in a circular motion. But there is a sudden formation of whirling motion as well.

When the ingredients start moving in speed in the whirling motion, the elements try to move in the sides of the grinder bowl. 


The last step of the work procedure of a mixer grinder is the grinding and liquefying process. The ingredients start moving in a smooth motion in the beginning when you keep the speed low.

Once you start grinding, you can control the speed according to the mixture or paste you want.

If you wish to have a rough paste, then a low whirling speed in the grinder might give you a relevant result; if you want a medium paste, you can set the mixer speed to medium speed. 

The last option is for high-speed motion. If you want a smooth paste of ingredients, you can opt for the highest rate of the mixer grinder.

The constant speed from the sides of the grinder gives continuous pressure to the components inside and creates random circular and whirling motions.

The constant motions of the ingredients in the vacuum make the elements ground and turn into a paste. 


The best part about mixer grinders is that you can create a paste mixture with ease by adding an adequate amount of liquid like water. But you can also create a mix in powder form or dry form like that of spices whenever you want by not adding any liquid.

What keeps you waiting? Go and grind well in your mixer grinder today!

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