Different Types of Mixer Grinder And Their Usage

Different Types of Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are one of the essential kitchen appliances used in every household. With the fast pace of life, it is impossible to manage all fronts and the kitchen is one of them.

Gone are the days when our grandmothers used to sunbathe and fight with the mortar and the pestle to make powder, paste, a variety of spices, and other food items required in the kitchen.

With the advancement of technology, various mixer grinders are available in the market. And they are used at home or restaurants and hotels to process the food.

However, not all are identical, and people use different types of Mixer grinders to fulfill their needs.

Though the basic concept is the same with all type of mixer grinder, there is some difference between them, and they serve different purposes.

So let us dig a bit deep to know about these different types of mixer grinders.

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About the Variety

Today mixer grinders are not just a jar (with some blades) that is connected to a base with an electrical motor but much beyond that. People use different types of mixer grinders to serve specific purposes. The attachments change according to the need.

Different Types of Mixer Grinder

-Dry Mixer Grinders

This type of mixer has a different blade. They are heavy-duty and suitable to grind dry spices and nuts, and other items.

The blades need to rotate at high rpm so that the spices or hard food items that need to be turned into a fine powder or in small pieces can be done easily.

The blades are angled in near the pivot, then somewhat flat, and then again angle upwards. We can say the angle between each section of the blade is curved at approximately 45 degrees.

They are shaped in this manner so that the solid spices can be dragged down, forced to become powder, and then surface to the up with the rotational motion making space for other chunks. This mixer blade is perfectly suitable to grind spices.

-Wet mixer grinders

If you want to make a paste of, say, lentils, grains, rice, onion paste, ginger paste, and other items that need water, it is best to use wet mixer grinders. They generally have four blades connected to the rotating pivot.

Two of the blades are angled downward, and two are angled up. When the pivot rotates at high speed, they make a pate of the wet substances inside them.

-Mixer grinder for slicing and shredding

When you can slice fruits and vegetables using this type of mixer grinder, then there is no need to use a knife and a cutting board.

Use the bowl with the slicing or shredding disc and get uniform pieces of fruits and vegetables with the turn of the knob.

One does not have to sweat in the heat of the kitchen and can make the cooking experience much better and cook palatable dishes.

-Chutney mixing and grinding

Chutneys or sauces ago with almost all food. Now there is no need to buy them from the market as one can make them easily.

Make chutney or sauces with perfect taste and texture using the chutney blades and do not allow anyone to complain about the taste.


It may have been many times that you have messed up the kitchen while making the cream for the cake or the dough for the bread. With the blending attachments of these mixer and grinder mocktails, fruit juices have never been so easy before.

Moreover, they can make perfect dough for your bread without straining your wrists. One can also use hand blenders for these purposes and stop battling with the ingredients.

-Mincing mixer grinder

Those who manage the kitchen need to mince the vegetables or meat sometime or other. It is best to use a mincer for this purpose.

The blades are a little different, and the ingredients do not become a paste. But they mince the ingredients perfect for the desired cuisine you plan to make.

Bottom Line

Today mixer grinders are used not only to mix and grind but for many more purposes. It is better to term them as food processors. 

All types of mixer grinders mentioned above are available separately or in one single unit. One either needs to change the bowl in which the blades cannot be changed or change the blades for specific uses.

However, for blenders, it is always better to use a separate unit to make perfect blending or make the dough beating or kneading the flour or other similar items.

It is time to select any one of the above and enjoy cooking. Mixer grinders have brought a revolution in the kitchen. And, one should always take advantage of the latest technology and feel the difference.

It is time to say cheese while shredding the cheese.

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