Difference Between Mixer Grinder And Food Processor: Mixer Grinder v/s Food Processor

Difference between mixer grinder and food processor

Setting up a new kitchen with one of these appliances may have confused you. A mixer grinder and food processor are used for multiple tasks that help in the preparation of cuisines. However, you must know the exact differences between the two. Let us clear it down a bit!

Difference Between Mixer Grinder and Food Processor

Food Processor: The machine is electronic, with a wide transparent jar over removable blades and a motor setup. Its task is to process the food items, which includes shredding, cutting, chopping & slicing them. The goal is usually not to create a complete mesh.

Mixer Grinder: They are affordable mixing and grinding machines that run on an electric supply. Solid spices are poured into mixer grinders to obtain liquid or soft spices. A variety of fruits, vegetables, spices, pulses, and batter can be whipped and mashed into mixer grinders.


Comparing the most popular brands, it has been witnessed that mixer grinders are more affordable than food processors. It is one of the major difference between mixer grinder and food processor. This happens because the size of food processors is larger, and the mechanism is replaceable along with being delicate.

Electricity Consumption:

Due to the bigger blades and larger jars, the whole process of food processing requires more electricity to complete a task. When comparing the two products, a mixer grinder does not consume as much electricity as a food processor and is hence affordable and economical at the same time.


A mixer grinder can be used to produce a variety of beverages. It can grind, mix and mash at the same time. But a food processor cannot be used to make such liquids as shakes, smoothies, and juices. This gives the latter an upper hand.

Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor

  1. As we already know a mixer grinder is used for whisking, kneading, or mixing two or more foods together in a short span of time. Whereas, a food processor is incredibly efficient and effective for crushing, chopping, and grating various types of foods.
  2. Another major difference between both of these 2 pieces of equipment is that a mixer grinder has multiple blades that are fixed in one place together. A mixer grinder works at different speeds but has some limitations in the area of speed. Whereas, a food processor has multiple blades as well as other accessories for completing numerous tasks such as grating dry fruits or chopping potatoes.
  3. A mixer grinder can help an individual to make smoothies, soups, and other liquid meals however with a food processor, an individual prepares the food in order to cook a proper meal. Such as with a food processor you can make dough but the dough cannot be consumed directly as it is.
  4. A mixer grinder is a suitable equipment for daily use. Whereas, on the other hand, people use a food processor only when they have less time to prepare multiple dishes together.
  5. A mixer grinder is an all-in-one piece of equipment. In other words, it is efficient and incredibly effective to perform the tasks of a food processor such as chopping or cutting vegetables, grating vegetables, and crushing nuts. However, on the other hand, a food processor cannot perform the tasks of a mixer grinder. For example, with a mixer grinder, an individual can make smoothies or soup, or shakes but these tasks cannot be performed with the help of a food processor.
  6. A mixer grinder is a suitable equipment for making all kinds of dishes such as Indian dishes like Idli, Dosa, and more, or chopping vegetables for Italian or Chinese dishes. However, these tasks cannot be performed with the help of a food processor.

Final Words

These were the major difference between mixer grinder and food processor. With a variety of them available in the market, you should make a choice depending on your need and frequency of use.

Because both of them have different tasks to carry out, oftentimes people buy both to ease their kitchen load. But if you are a traditional cook, you can always stick to the mixer grinder only!

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