Difference Between Mixer Grinder And Blender: Mixer Grinder Vs Blender

Difference between mixer grinder and blender

Coming across the two terms at once, you might get confused about their differences. A grinder and blender are often used in kitchens for various purposes, however, their exact separation is unknown to many people.

Below we have concluded the difference between mixer grinder and blender so that you can make the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Defining the two terms

A mixer grinder is used to mix, grind and mash the raw pulses, spices, vegetables, and fruits. This machine is operated by electricity and makes the production of batter, chutney, and smoothies easy.

On the other hand, a blender is used to merge two soft foods into one to create juices, shakes, and other liquids. It must be noted that blenders are not always electricity-operated. There are a variety of hand blenders available in the market, too. For that note, the difference between hand blender and mixer grinder is similar to this one.


Both these machines have been designed for mixing and blending different ingredients. It is important not to confuse them and use the wrong device for your recipe because it could make the whole process go askew.

Mixer Grinder: For grinding pulses, meat, spice, and fruits. It can further be used to make specific beverages, masalas, batter, masala powder, and chutney.

Blender: Shakes, Smoothies, Juices, sauces, peanut butter, protein shakes, milkshakes, and soups. All of these thick liquids can be made inside a blender using ice cream, milk, water, chocolate, etc.


The e-commerce stores are filled with a variety of blenders and mixer grinders. They are available in multiple watts, sizes, and designs, and if you are purchasing from a recognized store that sells reliable electronics, then you must know about the pricing.

Difference Between Mixer Grinder And Blender

The difference between a mixer grinder and a blender is based on various factors. Such differences are as follows: 

  1. A blender is a machine that is usually used for making the tough process of blending in an easy and smooth way. On the other hand, a mixer is a mixing machine that is used for kneading, mixing, and whisking two or more ingredients of food together.
  2. A blender helps to make mocktails, juices and soups, shakes, and numerous other similar types of things. However, A mixer grinder can be used for mashing, mixing, and cutting various hard foods into small pieces.
  3. Another difference between a blender and a mixer grinder is that a blender has only one blade. And, that blade works at different speeds. However, the mode of the speed of the blender can be regulated by the individual. On the other hand, a mixer grinder has multiple blades that work at different speeds. But the speed of the mixer grinder is limited to some extent.

Difference Between Hand Blender And Mixer Grinder

There are many differences between a hand blender and a mixer grinder. Both the equipment help with various different kinds of work and they are as follows:

  1. A hand blender is used by an individual, as the name suggests a hand blender is not an automatic machine. On the other hand, a mixer grinder is an automatic machine and is used for kneading, whisking, and mixing various categories of foods.
  2. A hand blender can be immensely useful to blend or cut various fruits and vegetables to turn that specific food into a liquid form. On the other hand, a mixer grinder is usually used for cutting hard foods into fine and small pieces.
  3. With a hand blender, an individual can make his or her favorite smoothies, shakes, soups, and other liquid food. On the other hand, with a mixer grinder, an individual can prepare various foods for cooking or making the final meal.

Final Words

Our research has concluded that mixer grinders are more expensive when compared to electronic blenders. And this is a major difference between blender and mixer grinder. If you are opting for a hand blender, then that will be cheaper even so.

All in all, it comes down to your chores and requirements. If you do not have a busy kitchen that is bustling with the everyday needs of spices and ground pulses, then you can surely opt for the latter!

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