Difference Between Grinder and Mixer: Grinder v/s Mixer

difference between grinder and mixer

These two appliances are the most popular for everyday kitchen chores. Grinders and Mixers have their individuality because they are designed for separate tasks. But most people confuse the two because sometimes the ingredients, design, and task can fall alike. We have precisely separated the two for you!

Here is the difference between Grinder and Mixer

Grinders: You can select two types of grinders. They are manual and electric. Most people opt for electric grinders because they are fast and easy to operate. They are often used to obtain soft spices by grinding, mixing, and mashing the ingredients inside the jar. Grinders are considered best to mash raw or cooked meat.

Mixers: It is a top choice of people who are involved in baking several types of food items. The task of a mixer is to beat, bake, mix, and fold two or more Ingredients to obtain a mixture. This mixture is then used to make cakes, biscuits, smoothies, shakes, etc. Now let's get onto the other difference between grinder and mixer.


When comparing the electronic versions of Mixers and Grinders, we noticed that mixers are more affordable than grinders. They are compact, fast, and easy to handle. Whereas grinders can sometimes be bulkier and power-consuming.


A grinder has some obvious limitations. It cannot be used to create baking items that are supposed to be sliced, chopped, or shredded. A grinder's blades will turn the ingredients into liquids, and that can make the whole process go askew.

Mixers on the other hand cannot be used for grinding, mashing, and creating a batter. It is a crucial difference between grinder and mixer. Mixers are supposed to blend two or more substances, but slicing raw spices into thin powder is not a task of the mixers.

Final Thoughts

It becomes difficult to purchase two different items for a kitchen that serves diverse roles. That's why mixer grinders have become popular in the market because they can carry out the tasks of both separate appliances.

Most customers have started shifting towards mixer grinders, rather than buying the two different items separately. It can be availed at an affordable price, with the most economic resources for an average household!

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