Top 5 Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinders In India- 2023 Reviews

Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder In India

In earlier days, people used the pestle and mortar or the manual pasting machine to make blends and other mixes. Not only the task was tedious but also made the kitchen the messiest place.

It is for this reason you now have the mixer grinders. These appliances are kind of semi-automatic as they can make the blends easily with the blades cutting and grinding the materials while the rotational motion mixing the elements.

Several types of mixer grinders have been introduced in the market. But, today, we will talk about the mixers having a motor power of 1000 watts.

Our forthcoming discussion will focus on the five best 1000-watt grinders and mixers that you can find in the market.

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Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinders In India

1) Bosch Truemixx Pro 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder 1000 Watt
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Bosch is one of the most famous companies for appliances in the market. Each of its products is excellently designed while keeping the quality above everything else.

This is why we have included the Truemixx mixer grinder from Bosch right at the first of our list.


1) Ergonomic Handle Design

All the jars are equipped with an ergonomic handle design. The three mixing jars have open handles with a greater downward length for better handling.

On the other hand, the juicer jar has an enclosed jar for better stability. 

2) Four Different Sized Jars

Here, you will have four different-sized jars- the smallest one for making chutneys and sauces, the middle one is the dry jar, and the larger one is the wet jar. The juicer jar has a standard volume. 

3) Space Efficient Mixer

Believe it or not, most mixers come with a colossal structure that can take up a lot of space in your kitchen. That’s why Bosch has kept the mixer machine concise and space-efficient. 

4) Unique Lid Closing Design

Rather than normal lids, Bosch has used the Locking Flaps for ensuring your jar is secured and there is no spillage.


  • High-quality stainless steel jars
  • Strong, locking flaps to protect the lids
  • Different-sized jars for multiple purposes 
  • 3 different speed settings with pulse


  • Costly mixer grinder
  • Less volume for the dry jar

2) Pigeon Stovekraft Feather Mixer Grinder

Pigeon Stovekraft Feather 1000-Watts
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Another famous kitchen appliance manufacturer in the market is Pigeon. This particular 1000-watt mixer grinder has gained a lot of positive reviews which is why we have made sure to include the name in our list.


1) Stainless Steel Jars

The three mixing jars are made from high-quality stainless steel. This will protect your jars from corrosion and rusting over time, thereby increasing durability. 

2) Polymeric, Unbreakable Lids

All four lids are unbreakable, all thanks to the use of the sturdy and hard polymer. Also, the lids have a rubber gasket for ensuring an airtight lock. 

3) Touch Mixer Operations

This is the first mixer in India, having a touch panel for the operational buttons or the knobs. 

4) Powerful Copper Winding Motor

Thanks to the copper windings in the motor, the power generated is quite high while electricity consumption is low.


  • Razor-sharp blades
  • Powerful motor with less electric consumption 
  • Built-in safety mechanism for the jar lids


  • Space-consuming mixer machine 
  • Makes a noise while grinding dry ingredients

3) Inalsa Vito Blend 1000-Watts Mixer Grinder

Inalsa Vito Blend 1000 Watt
(Image Source:

You wouldn’t find normal mixers having an inverted design in India. But, thanks to none other than Inalsa, you can finally have this uniquely designed mixer grinder which is very easy to use.


1) Inverted Blender Design

Here, the blender jars need to be attached to the mixer machine with the lid in an inverted position. As a result, it’s very easy to use and clean. 

2) Multiple Blade Options:

Thanks to Inalsa, you will get different blade options having varied shapes and lengths for different blending operations. 

3) Low Blending Noise

The motor works silently, without making any noise. Hence, you can work in your kitchen without any disturbance. 

4) Automatic Motor Cut-off

Once the blending is done, the motor will get cut off easily, thereby extending the mixer’s life.


  • Easy-to-clean jars and blades
  • Different blade shapes and sizes 
  • Transparent jars for better visibility


  • Fewer options for jar sizes
  • The speed setting knob is absent

4) Maharaja Whiteline Turbo Prime Mixer Grinder 1000-Watts

Maharaja Whiteline Turbo Prime Mixer Grinder 1000-Watts
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Maharaja is a new player in the market. But its products have left everyone baffled in wonder and astonishment. Hence, having this product is imperative.


1) Space-Efficient Mixer Grinder

Rather than following the traditional design, Maharaja has ensured to make the mixer space-efficient so that your kitchen is not a mess. 

2) 3 Jars Available:

Here, you will have three different jars, each for different operations- the smallest one for making sauces and chutneys, the middle jar for dry blending, and the larger one for wet mixing and blending. 

3) Powerful Motor Operation:

The motor has copper windings which will reduce the electric consumption while providing the maximum power for smooth grinding. 

4) Aesthetic Design:

The jars are so designed that you can handle them easily without any hassle.


  • Ergonomic handles in the jars 
  • Airtight lid gasket 
  • Stainless steel bodies of the jars


  • No juicer jar is present in the package

5) Gemini Preety Metallic 1000-Watts Mixer Grinder

Gemini Preety Metallic 1000-Watts Mixer Grinder
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The last mixer grinder we will discuss here is that of Gemini. Its outer body is so beautifully designed with a metallic color that you can truly enhance your kitchen’s beauty with this mixer grinder.


1) Powerful Grinding Operation

Thanks to the powerful motor operation and the razor-sharp blades, the mixer appliance can handle the toughest ingredients easily. 

2) Ergonomic Design

The handles have an ergonomic design, which are easy-to-handle and they also stabilize the jars on the mixer groove. 

3) Airtight Jar Lids

All the jars come with airtight lids having a tight, rubber gasket. This will prevent further spillage of the materials from inside. 

4) Energy-Saving

Due to the copper windings, the motor will consume less electrical power. Hence, your monthly bills aren’t going to be a burden.


  • The wonderful metallic coating on the exterior
  • Razor-sharp blades 
  • Polymer, unbreakable lids


  • No special juicer jar present


You now have 5 different mixer grinders having powerful motors whose output delivery power is 1000 Watts. Hence, you won’t have any problem while grinding different ingredients like Chilli, dry spices, cinnamon sticks, juice ingredients, and others.

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